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14 Incredible Locations in the U.K.

When people think of visiting England, it's usually London that comes to mind, but this island kingdom is also home to more than just a big city. The United Kingdom is home to unspoiled beaches, picturesque towns, European forests, and archeological sites. Join us on a short tour of 14 of these places, each of which provides visitors a different experience than the others. If you're planning a visit to England soon, put the museums and shopping aside, and head out into some (or all) of these magical places.

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1. Cockington – A fairytale vacation

Great Britain

OK, no giggling over the name, but Cockington truly feels like it was pulled out of the pages of a fairytale book. Every step you take along the village's paths is surrounded by lush vegetation, typical of Southern England. There are windmills, clear natural ponds, and colorful trees that seem just to wait for visitors to come and feast their eyes on this glorious, traditional English village.


2. New Forest – Spectacular nature and wildlife

Great Britain

Located just several hours outside of London, lies the "New Forest" – a charming nature reserve that provides tourists with a reprieve from the constant rat-race of urban life. In the reserve, you can find gorgeous nature parks, stunning botanical gardens, and some of England's wildlife, such as ponies, which are famous in that area. For those of you who want to stay the night, the area is filled with wonderful boutique hotels, caravans you can rent, wooden shacks that let you stay the night, and even some camping sites.


3. Bamburgh – A powerful, wild beach

Great Britain

Also known as "The Dramatic Beach" thanks to the castles that sit on the cliffs above it, as well as the gigantic sand dunes and small stone homes. This combination makes anyone feel like they've stepped into a periodic drama. Visitors can combine trips into ancient castles, virginal beaches, and tall cliffs that overlook tiny, colorful rocky islands. Bambrough is located in proximity to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and an incredible tourist destination in its own right.


4. Castletown – A visit to the middle ages

Great Britain

On a riverbank littered with humble stone huts located on the Isle of Man, visitors can feel like they've stepped through a portal and into the past. Next to the town's humble port and ancient stone homes, one can find a towering castle – one of the largest and most impressive castles in Europe, and visit the museum that tells the story of the town, including the rich nightlife and traditions of the locals.

 5. Cardiff – A vibrant nightlife experience

Great Britain

While London has long ago become an international city, the capital of Wales – Cardiff is still a place where one can experience authentic British nightlife. Cardiff combines a rich nightlife scene, shopping centers, historical buildings, great castles and amazing beaches – all in one place. The town is well known in Britain for its plethora of cultural experiences, including theater performances, shows, restaurants, and some fun tourist traps such as a romantic cruise or a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.


6. Cornwall – A fascinating archeological tour

Great Britain

Archeology and nature buffs will enjoy an unforgettable experience in Cornwall, thanks to the spectacular combination of untamed nature alongside some of the world's most important archeological sites. According to English lore, King Arthur was born in this area and formed Camelot here as well. Cornwall is also the background for the tale of Tristan and Isolde, a cornerstone of British literature. Every stone in this place has stories to tell, each path takes you to another magical location. The largest city in the region is Truro, but there are plenty of small villages one can visit, as well as comfortable camping grounds.


7. Dorset – Virginal, sunny beaches

Great Britain

A bathing suit, sunglasses, and sunscreen – 3 things you probably didn't think to bring on your vacation to England, but if you visit Dorset you will be sorry you didn't. Located in the south of England, Dorset's beaches rival many of Europe's Mediterranean beaches. During your vacation, you can stay in the town of Weymouth, and enjoy the many museums, shows, restaurants and bars. If you prefer the lonely wilderness, you can rent a caravan and tour the region's magnificent beaches.


8. Drummore – Where Europe meets Arabia

Great Britain

Drummore enjoys a considerable Moroccan influence, which can be somewhat surprising for a tiny village in the north of England. While the village has a traditional Anglican community, the decoration of the homes, fishing boats, and picturesque streets, feel more like you're walking in an old Arabic village. While the small village may seem to be a plain one, tourists will be able to find plenty of fun activities, such as countryside tours, visits to the local castle, watersports, and visits to historical buildings in the area.


9. Glencoe – The wild mountain range

Great Britain

If you've always wanted to see the mountains of the Himalaya but were too scared to face the perils such a trip may present, then you'll want to visit Glencoe in Scotland. This small, touristy village offers plenty of tours through the local mountains, the many countryside lakes, mindboggling waterfalls, and stories about the region's history, as well as local lore. The area changes completely in every season, and you're promised a phenomenal visit no matter when you come.


10. Brighton – The alternative to London

Great Britain

Aside from the lovely beaches and vibrant nightlife, Brighton offers a truly perfect vacation, thanks to the local art and history museums, and the variety of nightlife options it has to offer. And the best part is that Brighton is located a mere 50 minutes' drive from London.


11. Isle of Wight – Escape and relax

Great Britain

Are you tired of the big city and need some peace and quiet? Then this is what you'll find on the Isle of Wight – a mere 2-hour drive and a short ferry ride from London. The island is the perfect getaway, letting you enjoy secluded beaches, magical cruises, unique art exhibits, and a variety of activities for children, including museums and recreational parks. Visitors are also encouraged to take bicycle rides and enjoy the local water sports options.


12. Tenby – A Mini-England

Great Britain

This tiny town can provide you with a comprehensive look at Great Britain in all of its facets and characteristics. The eye-catching colorful buildings, the silent beaches, and the impressive castles – all of which combine to provide you with the perfect vacation experience. The town even won the nickname "Little England Beyond Wales" and is a popular tourist site for the local Brits.


13. Staffa – An exotic experience in Europe

Great Britain

With its unique and impressive basalt towers, through enchanting tunnels and breathtaking views, visitors of this island may feel like they somehow ended up in the Caribbean. The same basal towers have given the place the nickname "The Island of Towers". Visitors who love animals will find rare seabirds such as penguins, flamingos, and pelicans.


14. Portmeirion – Little Italy

Great Britain

Portmeirion feels more like an Italian village than an English one, thanks to the colorful architecture of the houses, alongside nobility manors, botanical gardens, and even a small palace, all of which give this place a beauty that combines the old world with the new in all its glory. Not strictly in England, it can be found in North Wales on the banks of the river Afon Dwyryd. 

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