World Mysterious Landscapes...!!!!!


World's largest saltmarsh, in Bolivia

Efflorescent tower-like rocks, "The Fireplace Fairies" in Turkey.

Peculiar desert landscape, in Eygpt.

"The Chocolate Hills", in Philippine.

World's largest saltmarsh during rainy season, in Bolivia

Twixt Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea: bird's-eye view.

Monument Valley, in the United States.

Desert, in Eygpt.

The Sahara Desert, in Tunisia.

Turkana Lake, in Kenya.

"Twin Towers" Monument Valley, in the United States.

Red dunes in Namib Desert.

Peculiar circular landscape, about 50 kilometers in diameter, center of the Sahara Desert.

Dracaena draco, on Yemen islands.

Peculiar Hawaii Island landscape.

Lake in Blue Mountains National Park, in Chile

Geyser, in the State of Nevada, the United States

Geyser named "Strokkur", in Southeast Asia.

The Sahara Desert, world's largest desert.

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