You have to wonder where some of these photos came from.

You have to wonder where some of these photos came from
The first McDonald's
Sadam Hussein with the noose around his neck
Pope Pius XII and Hitler
The Beatles before they became famous
Osama bin Laden's family.  Osama's the one with red circle around his face. 
Who would have known at that time?
The Titanic at the bottom of the sea
Construction of Disney World
Tearing down the Berlin Wall
The evolution of the Coca Cola bottle
John Lennon signing autograph for his assassin the night of his death
Adolf Hitler as a child.  What happened along the way?
Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee
Black physicians treating a member of the Ku Kux Klan in the ER
Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro
Albert Einstein in Brazil
Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Gandhi
The first computer(?)
The body of President Kennedy in November, 1963
Construction of the Empire State Building
Martin Luther King's cadaver
Albert Einstein's school grades
The Wright Brothers
The Beatles when they were adolescents
Google back when they started in 1999 with just a few folks
The Titanic before sailing
Lady Diana accident scene
Pope John Paul with the man who tried to kill him.

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